16 March 2020

Do you happen to form the perfect bundle, and the moment you put it in, it closes and the work finally gets sweatshirts. And so with every other bundle! If yes, then we have good news for you!

Pro + is a freshly made adhesive and is waiting for you with its new improved formula!

- Improved drying time - 0.5-1 sec. At this speed, your bundles will not close, and you will be able to see them on the natural eyelash the way you shaped them.

- The retention time of the natural eyelash lasts up to 7 weeks.

- The drop can be changed between 30-40 minutes.

- The recommended humidity in the room is 55-60%.

- Once opened it can withstand up to 2m.

Who is the adhesive for? For certified professionals who work fast. Once the extension is installed on NL, it does not allow for replacement. It sticks to the natural eyelash immediately.

For whom is the adhesive not suitable? For beginners who have recently undergone training and do not yet have the experience and speed to put on eyelashes. If you are not fast enough, the glue will dry before you put it on the natural eyelash. It is advisable for you to use slower, more flexible adhesives that allow the adhesive extension to be delayed and replaced.

And last but not least, Pro + comes to you at a new better price of 39.95lv instead of 42.95lv!

24 hours after the extensions are applied, the adhesive is resistant to water, cosmetics and procedures, sports and sweating, sauna, steam bath and more.

This information applies if the client's natural lashes are pre-prepared and thoroughly cleaned with protein pads, and then a primer is applied. Otherwise, dirt, makeup residues and natural oils will prevent the adhesive from forming a strong bond between the extensor and the natural eyelash.


We wish you beautiful sets with eyelashes, and very happy customers!

If you have any questions, please email us:



Stiliyana from GL Pro!


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