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Паричната гаранция е един вид застраховка за вас нашите ученици, решили да ни се доверите и да се запишете на обучение за придобиване на професионални умения в занаята поставяне на мигли. Ние знаем, че вашата сигурност играе голяма роля в избора на подходящата академия за тази цел и за това, твърдо убедени в нашата мисия и качество да създаваме специалисти, ви предоставяме възможността за парична гаранция, без риск за вашата инвестиция. Ние ценим вашето доверие и време!

Валидността на гаранцията е 3 месеца след датата на обучението.


В кои случай се връща паричната гаранция?

т. 1 Когато не сте получили пълно техническо обучение за което сте се записали, не са ви зададени домашни с цел усвояване на техниката.

т.2 Нямате обратна връзка с нас след проведеното обучение. 

т.3 Нямате резултати след изпълнението на всички препоръки от нашият екип за целия три месечен период.

В кои случаи паричната гаранция НЕ се връща?

т.4 Когато не сте положили никакви усилия след обучението.

т.5 Ако не сте направили и предали домашните задания след обучението.

т.6 Поради всички причини и извинения, заради които не сте могли да работите през 3-те месеца валидност на гаранцията. Считаме го за нарушение от т.4.

т.7 Ако не си водите записки по време на обучението, считаме гаранцията ви за невалидна.

т.8 Ако доброволно се откажете да практикувате по време на гаранционния период.




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This is one of the most frequently asked question in Bulgaria. If you ask yourself this question, you probably need a real quality training. Eyelash numbers indicate their thickness, which determines their softness and mode of application accordingly. 7 are the main thicknesses used in the lash industry. The number so far reaches 10pc, given that factories are constantly creating and launching new models. If you are not sure what thickness it is used for, it is best to complete specialist training.


The answer is NO. Always trust a certified professional with experience, positive ratings and good customer reviews!


- the length of the extensions should be tailored to the shape of the eye, the length and condition of your natural lashes. Excessive lenghts prevent, especially after week 2, when they become longer because of the natural growth of natural eyelashes.


- There are different thicknesses of eyelashes extending different visions of the eye. They must be tailored to the maximum number of hairs formed in one bundle for one natural eyelash. Otherwise, the extensions will weigh on the natural lashes, the appearance will be chaotic, and may be uncomfortable to wear.


- Extensions should not be felt or obstructed while wearing them.


- your stylist needs to adjust the eyelashes to the occasion for which they are needed - everyday life, natural effect, office, rest, professional photo session and more.


- there should be no adhesion between the extensions. Each bundle must be free without being stuck to the adjacent extension. This is where the damage to the natural eyelashes can occur due to the extraction of the adjacent eyelash during the 3 phases of natural eyelash expansion.




If you put on extensions, watch the bundles fall.


- if an extension falls with two natural hairs, your eyelashes are glued together.


- if "holes" remain within 2 weeks after insertion.


- If two extensions fall glued together, they usually have 2-3 natural lashes attached to them. Natural eyelashes are likely to be damaged, and the likelihood of other extensions being misplaced is also huge.


- shuffled vision, shuffled extensions up to 2 weeks after insertion. This is a sure sign that the eyelashes are stuck. During the active growth of the natural eyelashes, the eyelash in the phase of elongation pushes the neighboring eyelashes, and therefore the eyelashes appear shuffled. Itching occurs and then the extraction of a natural eyelash that has been glued to the eyelash in the growth phase occurs. You know that with mechanical hair extraction, it resurfaces after about 1 month, even more. With regular hair extraction, they regulate, and some do not re-emerge (as with eyebrows).




- Extensions fall for 4-6 weeks. Without stirring the vision or the effect, if they were put correctly. Each hair has completed its elongation phase, which lasts for about 35 days, because new hair is coming out from under it. This is the main reason why maintenance is required every 3-4 weeks.


- a new eyelash set should look as good as possible by week 3. Maintenance or removal of extensions to a salon by a specialist is then required.


- Extensions fall individually with or without natural hair.


- Feel your extensions "like your own".


- Your eyelashes will be 2mm longer in week 2, so it's a good idea to put a shorter length on a new set of eyelashes.

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