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For us



Hello gorgeous,


My name is Stiliana Georgieva and I am the founder of the Great Look brand.


The story begins in 2017 in Germany, when I decide to find the best eyelash training in Europe, and start from scratch. After a while, I went to London, where I met exceptional intelligent girls who were very enthusiastic and their business results were simply impressive, even beyound your immagination! It was not difficult for me to motivate myself to go the same way. I wanted to have the same results and even better. Many products went through my hands during the 1 year period while I was studying, and I tested literally hundreds of products and variants. Some of them were for nothing. Or at least they weren't quality. These types of products can ruin your reputation with a customer and keep him coming back. I had nothing left to do but throw them away and test new ones. So, by the exclusion method, I discovered a series of the best possible products and turned it into my own line. I patented it in Germany and transferred it to the Bulgarian market as well. I believe Great Lash Pro products will be of benefit to many other girls like me who are looking for safe quality at a good price.


Greetings, S. Georgieva!